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Facial: Understand How It Works

The facial is one of the most common cosmetic procedures and relatively simple, with few contraindications and immediate effects. This type of procedure has as its main objective, to removing all dirt from the skin leaving it clean, beautiful and healthy.

We should take good care of our skin because it is attacked daily by exposure to Sun, wind, dust and even pollution, so it is very important to do a daily cleaning, to prevent premature aging and loss of natural luster.

As mentioned above the facial aesthetic treatment is very important for skin health. However many people still have questions and want to know what it’s for exactly the facial and if it really works.

Usually the cleaning is done by a aesthetic clinic where some procedures for treating pimples, remove blackheads (open and closed), miliuns (white polka dots), dirt, impurities and buildup of sebum in hair.

Cleaning the skin is nothing more than a super cleaning the skin. For some people this super cleaning is unnecessary because there are cases with a simple cleaning already solves the problem, because each person has the skin of a way and treatments are carried out based on what your skin needs.

How Often Must Be Made Facial?

The are daily skin care, because at home we should always sanitize, tone, moisturize and protect the skin, more just a subject matter expert can inform and define how often must be done a full facial.

The facial is ideal for people who wish to remove dirt and impurities from the skin, more seek the help of a professional to receive the right orientation for your skin type.

How Is the Facial?

All skin needs care that is a fact, either at home or in a clinic specialized cleaning will renew your skin, but the facial is made at home requires some care that you can’t ignore (see what are).

The skin is made into 6 stages, check out:

  1. Asepsis:

Skin facial cleansing serves to remove the outermost layer of dirt and prepare the skin to receive the aftercare. Is usually done with creams or lotions suitable for this, remove the natural oils of the skin.

  1. Scrub:

Exfoliation aims to soften the outermost layer of the skin, removing dead skin buildup and other impurities that leave your skin soft to the touch, thus facilitating the removal of blackheads and pimples not inflamed.

It is necessary that exfoliation is done more carefully in sensitive areas such as face and neck.

  1. Extraction:

The longest stage and time-consuming cleaning of the skin, the extraction takes care of removing blackheads, which are removed by finger pressure from the dispensing tip, although the pressure is not made directly against the skin, being used gauze to avoid scoring the skin or cause any kind of inflammation, and helps to decrease the pain. Like the process used with the pimples not inflamed. After the extraction is used some kind of anti-inflammatory, mechanic or chemical, for that manipulation does not cause damage to the skin.

  1. Massage:

The massage after the facial, in addition, relaxing, therapeutic, aesthetic or can be accompanied by the application of relaxing products, anesthetics, and to reduce the redness of the skin, common in the cleaning process.

  1. Shade:

The masks are a process of application and permanence of a product on face for 20 minutes on average. Are typically used relaxing or rejuvenating masks shortly after the facial.

  1. Sunscreen:

With the removal of the mask, it is always important to be applied a sunscreen to the skin is protected against aggressions, which may be more profound right now, in which the skin is more fragile.

After Cleansing Skin Care

In the first 48 hours after the facial, avoid products with acids and other products that might damage your skin. The makeups and water-based products and the like are released.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Facial?

Among the many benefits of facials, we have the Elimination of impurities such as remains of makeup, pollution, natural oils of the skin, as well as removal of blackheads and other small defects of the skin caused by the accumulation of dirt and dead cells.

Only it is recommended that you remove acne in her case not be inflamed, or run the risk of leaving marks on the skin.

The benefits are numerous for the health of our skin because cleanliness is able to nourish, refresh, tone and still leave the skin soft and velvety.

Contraindications of Facial

The facial is against indicated for cases of severe acne, inflamed pimples and people with very sensitive skin allergies and other skin problems like descamamento and the like.

It is also not recommended on tanned skin, as melanin can react with any of the products and can cause stains.

Homemade Facial Or Professional?

Among the homemade skin cleansing and the professional, it is obvious that the Pro achieves more deeply the impurities of the skin, but the housekeeper can be made more often, including decreasing sometimes where it becomes necessary to clean professional skin.

The recommended is to make homemade skin cleansing, varying according to the type of skin you have, and when necessary, resorting to professional show.

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